Thursday, October 30, 2008

My baby bounces

Almost at the end of the infamous first trimester ... and I'm emerging feeling relatively unscathed! No nausea to write home about, I haven't gained any weight yet (though my kind friends have started informing me that I definitely have a baby pooch; I'm not convinced!), no midnight cravings for pickles or watermelons ... Other than being able to eat, sleep and pee for England, being pregnant hasn't felt remarkably different - till today. I had my first OB appointment and official ultrasound, and (if you squint and the light hits it just right) my baby actually looks like a baby! It has a head with a profile and a nose, and a little round belly, and arms and legs that stick out and a beating heart in the anatomical shape of a tiny, real heart ... and it was bouncing around while we looked at it! It looked like it was laying on the inside of a balloon and someone was flicking on the outside of the balloon right underneath where it was laying so it bounced up into the air now and then :) I still won't be able to feel it moving for another few weeks, but seeing it move around and look like a real baby changed something. Knowing that it's bouncing around in there while I go about my day is kind of weird, but pretty cool. It's gotten so much bigger since my first ultrasound that I can hardly believe this is going to take 7 more months...! I guess it's only 5cm long, though, so even though it's comparatively a lot bigger than my first scan, it's still pretty teeny.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


This blog is an attempt to keep you, my far-flung friends and family, updated on the progress of my half-inch-long 'bun in the oven'. However, as you can see, there is somewhat of a time lag between creation of baby and blog. I am blaming this on the baby, since my biggest pregnancy symptom so far (other than three positive tests and an ultrasound, I mean) is total exhaustion and not nearly enough time left in my day after napping to get done what I need to! However, I will do my best to keep you at least reasonably in touch with things.