Saturday, January 23, 2016

This life of ours

Today we begin the trip back to Kudjip, to start our second term there. It feels very different this time; I remember sitting on the plane two years ago writing that it felt like I was being swept along by a river that I jumped into voluntarily, but was helpless to get out of should I suddenly want to. This morning, I feel more like I'm trading homes. Leaving the one where my roots and memories and the strings of my heart run deepest, but returning to a home that I have found myself missing and wishing for even while being perfectly content here. The blessing and curse of being a missionary....!

Next to me now, on the little red coffee table, is Anna's to-do list for when we're back, entitled "My list for PNG! Yes!!!!!!!" My heart breaks and smiles at the thought of their goodbyes in a few hours and reunions a few hours after that (those of you who have made this trip before - stop laughing at my use of 'a few'! I'm trying to stay optimistic...).  I am giving our kids the same life that I have known; their hearts will forever be scattered across the globe, never fully complete in one place, being already acquainted with the feeling of bittersweet ... but getting to drink deeply of two lives, not just one.

Having sights and experiences etched into their minds that very few of their friends will ever know. And having a path in their hearts, worn smooth by repeitition, that leads them through transition, loss, resettling, and into the comfort and excitement of putting down new roots into the ground. ~ In this case, the rich, dark, beautiful and fertile grounds of the Highlands.

And my prayer as we move back is that even as the soil nourishes and sustains the people of Jiwaka, that each of us would pull rich sustenance from this life we have been called to, and from the One who called us to it. That our hearts would be deeply planted in Him, with roots that hold fast so that we bend well, but do not break.

So Tulsa, I love you dearly. Thank you for a near-perfect furlough, and I'm already looking forward to the day that I put my feet back on the floor of your arrivals terminal.

And Kudjip ... I am so excited to drive through your lush green tea fields, down that pot-holey driveway, and be home.  I'll see you in about 45 hours!